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Whenever we go somewhere on this planet, there is always local products, “memories” sold to tourists. Most often, these products “typical”, representative of a unique expertise that is not found elsewhere.
Marrakech is a city well known for its handicrafts, but also for its tourist appeal … The handicraft products are highly sought after, Marrakech and exports much of its production abroad. Overall, most of the artisanal production is sold either abroad or to foreigners, Moroccan representing only a third of sales.
We can say that this is normal, once you have purchased your pottery, carpets or your handbags, you do not need to buy every year … Without going to say that everything is 100 Moroccan%, we can say that most of what we find for sale Marrakech is a local production. Of course, some elements used to make an object may be industrially produced abroad, such as zippers, buttons or even the thread, but this does not diminish the quality craftsmanship of the object.

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